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Read more at: Inside the Colleges

Inside the Colleges

31 January 2013

As Head Groundsman of Jesus College, Allan Moore is responsible for the care of nearly 12 acres of sports grounds

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On the shoulders of volunteers

31 January 2013

From stillbirth and healthy ageing to drug trials and the genetic basis of common diseases, the University’s world-class research relies on the thousands of Cambridge residents who volunteer for research studies.

Read more at: The centre of attraction

The centre of attraction

31 January 2013

The University Centre is your centre. Take full advantage of your membership by following these tips...

Read more at: Beautifully brutalist

Beautifully brutalist

31 January 2013

A new exhibition at the Department of Architecture aims to expose the forgotten history of the University’s experimental post-war architecture: the ‘other’ Cambridge of raw, angular buildings and the ambition and innovation they embody.

Read more at: Colleges and University: a complex relationship

Colleges and University: a complex relationship

31 January 2013

While many of us realise there is a complex relationship between the Colleges and the wider University, the precise nature of the connection is not always understood, even by staff or current students. Here, we offer staff a primer.

Read more at: Learn while you earn

Learn while you earn

31 January 2013

Vocational training is a great way for assistant staff to gain important professional skills. It benefits them, their teams and departments, and the University as a whole.

Read more at: Good sports

Good sports

31 January 2013

Sport at Cambridge is enjoying a resurgence. Here are three members of staff who enjoy some of the country's lesser-known pursuits.

Read more at: From the archives: Interview with the Vice-Chancellor

From the archives: Interview with the Vice-Chancellor

31 January 2013

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz became Vice-Chancellor of the University three years ago this October. In this interview he outlined his vision for research, funding, the recruitment and retention of staff, and how the University can make its mark on...

Read more at: A visitor from the sea

A visitor from the sea

31 January 2013

The skeleton of a fin whale, suspended outside the entrance of the Museum of Zoology, has inspired awe and affection among sightseers and scientists for the past 145 years. We trace its epic journey from the open sea to the centre of Cambridge

Read more at: The hear and know

The hear and know

31 January 2013

Set up last year, the Cambridge Bilingualism Network is bringing the latest research on the “gift of bilingualism”  into local classrooms