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The marine biologist who found a new life on dry land

19 January 2018

Diana Thomas-McEwen trained as a marine biologist but always thought she might have been an engineer. After six years working in the oil and gas sector on survey ships, she took a change of direction to work in the Dyson Centre for Engineering Design.

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The man who “never really had a career plan” — and is off to Australia to become a vice-chancellor

11 January 2018

Duncan Maskell loves variety and thrives under pressure. His dual talents for science and organisation led to his appointment as head of Cambridge planning and resources. In October this year he will become Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne.

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The disability adviser supporting students to reach their potential

3 November 2017

Rachel Demery knows what it’s like to face the extra challenges of living and working with a disability. She’s one of seven advisers working for the Disability Resource Centre.

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The psychologist who reminds us that emotions affect our working lives

31 August 2017

Do emotions matter in the workplace? Jochen Menges, an expert in organisational behaviour, thinks they matter profoundly for employee performance and behaviour.

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The political scientist unravelling questions of resource dependence in the Middle East

25 August 2017

His personal background puts Babak Mohammadzadeh in a strong position to research the ways that key oil-producing countries are shaped by their political and cultural legacies. As nationalism tightens its grip, he urges us to consider the global implicati

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The neurobiologist who just couldn’t stop dancing

25 August 2017

Krishna Zivraj-Nair loved her work as a research scientist in a Cambridge lab — but there was something missing. Dance has always been one of her passions and, from small beginnings, she’s established a flourishing dance academy.

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The student who is inspired by her dad

17 August 2017

Two years ago Tara Khalid achieved the grades she needed to take up her Cambridge place. She describes herself as defying most of the Cambridge stereotypes. Her passion for learning was encouraged by her teachers but it was her father who taught her to th

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The Hebrew teacher who opens doors to learning

27 April 2017

She loves the silence of libraries and believes that modesty is key to learning. Hagar Ben-Zion teaches Hebrew at the Language Centre and catalogues Hebrew books at the University Library. A plucky Jerusalemite, she learnt to ride a bicycle in Cambridge.

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The economist who makes the organ thunder

21 April 2017

He learnt to play the organ as a child and developed a keen ear for languages. Now Dutch master’s student Geerten Boonzaaijer unwinds from the demands of economics classes by practising the organ at Christ’s College.

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The University Challenge star propelled by a love of maths

13 April 2017

With his unusual name and irrepressible good humour, Bobby Seagull emerged as one of the star contestants in the latest University Challenge series.

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