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November is spotlight on waste month at the University of Cambridge

We are more aware than ever of how post-consumer waste, particularly plastic waste, is damaging the health of our planet.

One of the major commitments in the University’s Environmental Vision, Policy and Strategy is to reduce the volume of waste per person the University produces year-on-year, and to increase our recycling rate to 95%.

Progress has already been made – the volume of waste produced by departments decreased by 16% last year – but we need to do more, and everyone has a part to play in making this happen.

So, how can you contribute to reaching these waste goals during Spotlight on Waste month?

Alternative Black Friday: instead of buying more stuff, why not take part in an upcycling workshop on Friday 23 November?

Be inspired by others: examples of departments that are changing the culture of waste in the University

Take a simple step to reduce waste: refill your water bottle for free

Educate yourself: read about waste and recycling: the state of affairs in 2018

You can find more ideas for how you and your department can help to reduce waste on the Environment and Energy website. To receive regular tips and information about environmental matters at Cambridge, why not sign up to the Greenlines newsletter?


22 November 2018