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A brand new festival for Cambridge will host an extensive series of free, online events between 26 March and 4 April 2021.

A brand new, exciting festival for Cambridge replaces the hugely popular Science Festival and Festival of Ideas. The Cambridge Festival will host an extensive series of free, online events between 26 March to 4 April this year. The Festival's inaugural programme aims to tackle and offer solutions for humanity’s most pressing issues, from pandemics, climate change and global economics, to human rights and the future of democracy.

The full event listings will be available to browse and book from Monday 22 February 2021.

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About the new Festival

The Festival will have strong and distinct platforms for the Sciences and the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. On offer will be a uniquely Cambridge eclectic mixture of over 350 events and activities: from panel discussions, film premieres, and guided walking tours, to ‘try this at home’ activities for the whole family.

Dr Lucinda Spokes, Head of Public Engagement said: “Although we will miss the Science Festival and the Festival of Ideas, our Cambridge Festival will be a new space where we can discuss the big questions in society today from many different perspectives.

“We’re really looking forward to sharing our research and hearing your views and experiences. And as the festival is online this year, we’re excited to welcome people from around the world to be part of these conversations too!

“The Festival team, colleagues from across the University and our festival partners have been working incredibly hard to bring an inspiring and exciting series of free online events for everyone that show how Cambridge research has an impact on our world. Our full programme will be published soon, please keep an eye out for it!”