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Read more at: High fliers

High fliers

1 February 2013

Since it first made its way into the laboratory a century ago, the fruit fly has helped transform biological research. Today, Cambridge is home to the greatest concentration of fly researchers in the world, and what they are discovering using this tiny...

Read more at: Profile: College boatman Paul Knights

Profile: College boatman Paul Knights

1 February 2013

Rowing unites people at Cambridge like no other sport, and it is thought that nearly half of the University population will try it during their time here. But while the competitions, training and social aspects are well known, few people are aware of...

Read more at: Porters’ blues

Porters’ blues

31 January 2013

Chaperoning wildlife, retrieving lost rugby posts and handling enquiries about 14th century Cambridgeshire – if you thought the life of a porter amounted to little more than offering polite directions, think again. Here are a selection of some of the...

Read more at: Profile: Professor John Naughton

Profile: Professor John Naughton

31 January 2013

Whether running Wolfson College’s Press Fellowship Scheme, writing books about the impact of the internet, or blogging about media, technology and politics, Professor John Naughton is an academic and journalist with a passion for public education and...

Read more at: Lending a helping hand

Lending a helping hand

31 January 2013

The University’s Disability Resource Centre encourages staff to take a broader view of disability

Read more at: A byte of the Pi

A byte of the Pi

31 January 2013

The queue of fans waiting for one has been described as the geeky equivalent to the the Glastonbury ticket scrum and, for a few days following its official launch, more people Googled ‘Raspberry Pi’ than ‘Lady Gaga’. What is it about this $25 computer...

Read more at: Blood on the Rex

Blood on the Rex

31 January 2013

A study by Cambridge criminologist Professor Manuel Eisner has revealed statistically just how dangerous it was to be a king or queen between 600 and 1800 AD.

Read more at: Profile: graduate student Samuel Wilberforce

Profile: graduate student Samuel Wilberforce

31 January 2013

Graduate student Samuel Wilberforce and the Medical Materials Group are at the forefront of research into bone implants that could bring therapeutic benefits for years to come. For Samuel, studying at Cambridge is the latest in a personal journey that...

Read more at: The butler did it

The butler did it

31 January 2013

For 12 years, Sara Rhodes has worked as Butler of Trinity Hall. She dislikes wine, she’s good at keeping secrets and if you want her job, you’re going to have to wait 20 years until she retires

Read more at: Discover: scientific imagery

Discover: scientific imagery

31 January 2013

Cutting-edge science, and its communication to the public, is often brought to life with sophisticated imagery. But how do you go about photographing a distant star formation or the inside of a locust’s brain? Cambridge researchers and technicians...