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For staff


A series of three talks on digital wellbeing will explore productivity, resilience and managing distractions.

Since March 2020, many staff have had to adapt to new modes of working that include working remotely from home and using digital platforms more frequently. Even before the pandemic led to many staff working from home, staff spent many hours working in front of screens. As part of the Digital Workplace Programme, ourcambridge and University Information Services (UIS) are sponsoring a series of three talks to help staff develop positive digital habits.

Tyler Shores, University of Cambridge ThinkLab Manager and former Google employee, talks with Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory, and Chris Flack, UnPlug Co-Founder, about digital wellbeing in a series of three informal sessions. These will cover digital productivity, digital resilience, and managing digital distractions when remote working, helping staff to improve digital wellbeing, create positive digital habits and manage digital burnout.


Bookings are via UBS using the links below:

Talk 1: Digital Productivity/high performance in an ‘always-on’ world

Date: Tuesday 13 April, 11:00am

Speakers: Tyler Shores and Chris Flack


Talk 2: Digital Resilience when remote working

Date: Tuesday 20 April, 11:00am

Speakers: Tyler Shores and Thomas Roulet


Talk 3: Managing digital distractions when remote working

Date: Tuesday 27 April, 11:00am

Speaker: Tyler Shores


06 April 2021