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Finance Division launches new online expense claim process

The new expense system, Concur, will be one of the first visible improvements delivered by the University's Finance Transformation Programme (FTP). Following a successful, year-long pilot, the Finance Division is ready to share it with the University.  

Concur is a simpler way to reclaim out-of-pocket expenses. Staff will be able to use their office computers or personal mobiles to submit claims, meaning no more missing paperwork, fewer delays, and less harm to the environment. 

Concur is more automated and efficient than the current system. It provides better management information and presents a clearer picture of the University’s carbon footprint, helping the University to understand how to achieve its sustainability goals. 

Starting this month, Finance will be launching the new system to institutions in tranches. The plan is for all staff to have access by the end of 2022. 

Later this year, Finance intends to expand the system to cover claims for certain types of visitors. The team will share the full details before they make any changes. 

When will you have access to Concur? 

The new Expenses Hub provides details about when departments are going live, as well as information about how to access Concur, how to claim expenses, the University's expense policies, rates, and pre-travel requirements. You’ll need to log into Raven to access all the information on the Hub. 


20 May 2022