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For staff


USS LATEST: Cambridge will also not deduct pay for action short of strike.

A university is only ever as good as its people. Our outstanding researchers, lecturers, students and administrators have made the University of Cambridge the world-leading institution that it is today. None of the things we are known for would be possible without their commitment to teaching, learning and research.

No one ever takes the decision to go on strike lightly. The fact that so many colleagues have decided to take this action is clear evidence of their strength of feeling. The concern and anger are obvious, too, in the numerous letters and emails I have received. I deeply regret that this dispute has damaged the trust between academics, students and our university.

It seems to me that we need an interim pension solution that retains Defined Benefit.  We should remove the inflationary cap included in the recently rejected agreement. In addition, we should remove any implication that staff who have lost pay should be expected to reschedule teaching without compensation. I recognise the extra cost this will entail, but I urge universities and the UCU to accept these proposals.  

I am also announcing today that the University has not deducted, and will not be deducting pay for those days that staff take action short of a strike.  

I have been frustrated by a bargaining process over which we have little control, but to which we are bound to adhere. It is my sincerest aspiration that the proposals set out above will go some way towards re-establishing an atmosphere of trust, allowing us to return to the teaching and research that we all want to do.


14 March 2018