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The Research Office provides practical support and training for women and their managers

Some women find menopause symptoms impact upon their daily life and their capacity to work. In order to provide support for colleagues experiencing this, and to raise awareness of menopause in the workplace, Lisa Wears, Assistant Director (Technology) at the Research Office, applied for funding from the University Diversity Fund, which she has used to provide practical support and training for menopausal women and their colleagues. 

The funds were used to buy desk fans, which are now available at all three Research Office sites, and to provide specialist training sessions on menopause in the workplace which were delivered by Henpicked, an organisation specialising in menopause training and advice.

The University has issued guidance on support for colleagues experiencing the menopause. At the Research Office this guidance has been shared with all staff. Further discussion groups are being planned.

Lisa says: “I wanted to raise awareness of the menopause in the workplace and to make sure that women experiencing the menopause weren’t a ‘forgotten group’ of staff. If there are things that we can do to make life a bit easier for a woman experiencing difficult menopause symptoms, I wanted to make sure that we were thinking about them, and acting on them. I also wanted to raise awareness of an issue that just might not occur to others in the office.”


28 January 2020