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A new University-wide scheme will help research and academic staff with caring responsibilities.

A new scheme to support the career development of research and academic staff who are going on, or have returned from, caring responsibilities has been launched.
The Returning Carers Scheme offers funding to assist qualifying staff who have had a period of absence, or reduced their working hours. Eligibility includes maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave and leave to care for a dependant.
Examples of how funds could be used include: buying out teaching and administrative duties for a period of time; covering the cost of attendance at conferences (for the individual or for related childcare); covering the cost of a collaborator to come to Cambridge; or for equipment.
The scheme is open to women and men, although it is part of a wider programme to encourage Heads of Schools and Departments to support women in their career development.
Staff who are interested in applying to the scheme should contact their School HR Business Manager in the first instance. Requests for funds should not normally exceed £10,000, although exceptional cases for support up to £20,000 may be considered.
This year’s scheme will run from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014. There are two deadline dates: 31 October 2013 for the first round of applications; and 28 February 2014 for the second round.