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A series of images, showing some of those shortlisted for awards. They each smile into the camera.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

The shortlist for the 2022 Professional Services Recognition Scheme Awards has been announced. Following a competitive judging process, 23 individuals and 14 teams have been shortlisted for awards.  

The nominations submitted demonstrate the extraordinary range of contributions and achievements of professional services staff at Cambridge. A number of nominees impressed colleagues with the scale of their individual achievements. The nominations committee heard the story of one staff member who successfully developed online marking software, and another who led on negotiations that secured £4 million of new grant income, and yet another whose contributions made it possible for a student to compete at the 2021 Olympics. The ‘herculean efforts’ of staff members were noted, with multiple shortlisted nominees being praised for their individual impact across the whole University. 

Other nominees stood out because of their crucial role in the smooth running of University activity. The committee received nominations for teaching lab technicians whose high-quality work is foundational to teaching delivery, and a departmental facilities team who regularly save the day by providing last-minute technical support that allows lectures and examination to run as planned. One member of staff was described as a ‘cornerstone’ of the department, and another was commended for quite literally running across Cambridge to solve a problem.  

Several nominees were thanked for their kindness. The committee heard about those who go out of their way to hear about individuals’ requirements, those who welcome new starters, and those who are friendly and positive in the face of challenges. One member of staff the committee learnt about created a green space to promote wellbeing for use by their colleagues. They even grew allergy-sensitive plants at home themselves and transferred them to the space on the weekends for others to enjoy during the week. 

All of those who have been shortlisted should be incredibly proud of their achievements. The winners in each category will be announced in December at an awards ceremony at the Fitzwilliam Museum. You can learn more about the awards on the scheme website.  


22 November 2022


A series of headshots showing some of the award nominees. Each is smiling into the camera.