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Explore the training opportunities available to University staff.

There is a huge range of training and development opportunities at Cambridge. As well as taught courses, both in-person and online, there are also in-work programmes such as apprenticeships, secondments, job shadowing and mentoring. The University encourages all staff to consider their career progression and actively supports them in developing their skills and experience.

The Personal and Professional Development (PPD) website offers access to a full range of development resources and has recently been refreshed and updated to make it even easier to find the training opportunities that are right for you and your department.

If you are short of time, why not try PPD On Demand? These bitesize learning resources can be accessed online and at your own pace, and cover topics such as problem solving, setting objectives, and effective teamwork. Longer modules, both face-to-face and online, can be found via the training booking system, and if nothing available is quite right for your department's needs, there is a webform for making bespoke training requests.

There is also guidance to help you reflect on your professional development and skills. The tools to support career development on the PPD website include advice on the behavioural attributes framework used by the University as well as information on career planning and how to get the most out of the staff review and development (appraisal) process.

If you are considering options for your next career move, you might like to try shadowing a colleague, or signing up for the secondment pool. Shadowing and secondments are ways of gaining experience of other roles within the University, and can provide excellent opportunities for those looking to develop their skills or change job.

Staff looking to move into leadership and management roles, or to develop their skills in this area, can choose from a range of programmes tailored to the needs of all levels from first-time managers to very experienced heads of institution. Learn more by exploring the leadership development options.

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03 January 2018