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For staff


The University’s Energy and Carbon Reduction Project is inviting staff to nominate their favourite energy-saving measure from a shortlist of four. The most popular idea will be implemented with funding from the ECRP.

Staff and students are being asked how they would invest £50,000 to help the University make savings in energy use.

Last month people and teams in departments, Colleges and other University institutions were inspired by Switch Off Week, turning off lights, computers and other equipment. In total the equivalent of £5,000 was saved as part of the campaign.

Now the Energy and Carbon Reduction Project has decided to multiply that figure by ten, which means that £50,000 will be spent on rolling out a specific energy-saving measure. It is up to you and your colleagues to decide which one.

A shortlist of energy-saving measures has been compiled by the Energy Team from suggestions that came in as part of a competition for ideas held during Switch Off Week. There were many high-calibre proposals, but some would require further investigation and may instead be considered as research projects under the Living Laboratory for Sustainability, where students can get involved in research projects focusing on increasing the sustainability of the Cambridge estate.

The shortlisted suggestions are all practical to implement and do not require any major change of policy by the University. They are also expected to deliver energy savings in a short space of time.

Cast your vote by 25 April using the link on this page and decide which idea, from those listed below, you would like the University to spend £50,000 on.


28 March 2013