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Head of the Finance Transformation Programme, Ravi Mathavan, shares an insider view

Over the next few years, the Finance Transformation Programme will transform the way the Finance Division provides professional services, demonstrating that they understand the needs of their users while delivering solutions that are smart, stable and sustainable for the University. 

Ravi Mathavan joined the University in December 2021 as the Head of the Finance Transformation Programme. His background includes three years leading the UK shared services for the Ministry of Justice, and twelve years in global shared services and finance transformation roles at WPP/Kantar and Dentsu. He’s also a chartered accountant and a graduate of Royal Holloway, University of London, where he studied chemistry.

Earlier this month, Ravi shared his first impressions of his new role, his priorities, and what it’s like to work for the University.

“Taking on the role of Head of Finance Transformation Programme has given me the opportunity to work with a pioneering team of professional people at one of the world’s leading academic and enduring research institutions. It’s an exciting place to be.

“Since I joined, my top priority has been to establish a well-resourced and effective programme management office, recruiting talented people to fill the vacancies as quickly as possible. I’m pleased to say we’ve already hired a programme manager, an administrator and a communications manager.

“My other priorities have included revisiting and reinvigorating the programme’s vision; reinforcing the collaborative working relationship between the projects that make up the programme; and strengthening our governance by re-engaging the Non-Executive Directors.

“It won’t all be easy though. We know we’re going to face significant cultural and technical challenges as we explore new ways of working, which is perfectly normal given the scale of the programme. Part of my role will be to make sure staff are kept informed and supported every step of the way, so they can focus on the benefits of doing things differently.

“The University is a complex organisation, and I know we’re going to need to manage stakeholder engagement very carefully. We also need to work closely with the other transformation programmes to make sure we handle the “three Is”: Interdependencies; Interfaces and Integrations; in a way that makes sense of all the change that is happening.

“I’m very proud to be working for the University. Since I’ve been here, I’ve found everyone to be approachable and helpful, with a collegiate mindset that lends itself to collaboration and teamwork. Whether it’s helping to ensure the University’s long-term financial sustainability; improving the user experience for staff; or delivering better value for money, I believe we can make a significant difference through the projects that make up the Finance Transformation Programme. We can make things better.”


24 May 2022