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For staff

Two students in a library looking at a laptop

The Data Analysis Working Group at Cambridge University Libraries have found information about how Elsevier is used at the University.

Journals published by Elsevier are among the most read and published-in at the University of Cambridge but are also consistently the most paywalled of all publications, and the most expensive in which to publish.  

Current members of the University of Cambridge with a Raven password can now explore data visualisations describing the relationship between Elsevier and the University of Cambridge compared to other publishers – discover how much we read, how much we publish and cite, and what we pay.   

These findings, from the Data Analysis Working Group at Cambridge University Libraries, will inform Cambridge’s involvement in ongoing negotiations between UK Universities and academic publisher Elsevier. The University hopes a ‘read and publish’ agreement will be reached to enable members of UK Universities to both publish in and access Elsevier publications at a sustainable cost, whilst meeting the requirements of funders to make research openly available.  

The outcome of these negotiations may affect how staff at the University publish and access research. Staff can find out more and contribute their views on the University Library website.




06 October 2021