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A photograph of the Senate House

A Nominating Committee has been set up to recommend a name as Acting Vice-Chancellor.

The University Council has advised that it is very likely that an Acting Vice-Chancellor will need to be appointed for the period between Professor Toope stepping down and his successor taking up office.

The Council has now agreed to appoint, under Statute C III 9, a member of the Regent House as Acting Vice-Chancellor for a fixed term of six months – from 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023 – with the possibility of extension. It is not envisaged that any extension would be for more than a further six months, but it may be for less (or not necessary).

The Council has convened a Nominating Committee to lead the search and to recommend a name to the Council for appointment as Acting Vice-Chancellor. The membership of the Nominating Committee is as follows:

  • Ms Gaenor Bagley, TH (Chair), External member of Council
  • Professor Dame Madeleine Atkins, LC, Head of College
  • Professor Richard Penty, SID, Head of College
  • Dr Nick Holmes, Member of the Council
  • Dr Ann Kaminski, ED, Member of the Council
  • Professor Kristine Black-Hawkins, Member of the General Board
  • Professor Nigel Peake, EM, Member of the General Board
  • Ms Emma Rampton, SID, (Secretary) Registrary.

The Council will publish a Notice advertising the role in the Reporter by the end of February 2022. The Nominating Committee will interview shortlisted candidates and, following consultation with the General Board, will propose a name to the Council for appointment in May 2022. Once confirmed, the appointment will be published in the Reporter.


14 February 2022