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A photograph of Senate House Yard

An Advisory Committee has been appointed and will oversee a consultation exercise with the collegiate University.

Following the decision of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, to end his term in office on 30 September 2022, the Council announced that it had formally constituted an Advisory Committee to support the search for the next Vice-Chancellor. The Committee will propose a list of persons for consideration by the Council. The Council will then submit a Grace to the Regent House for the appointment of the person nominated by the Council to the office of Vice-Chancellor.

The Advisory Committee has informed the Council that it wishes to gather views from members of the collegiate University about the strategic priorities for, and attributes of, the next Vice-Chancellor. This consultation exercise will take place in the first half of Lent Term 2022. The feedback received during the exercise will inform the role description used during the search. Members of the collegiate University will receive further details on the consultation, including the various options as to how to participate in the consultation, early in Lent Term 2022.

The Advisory Committee has also discussed a timeline for the search. The Committee has advised that it aims to enable the Council to propose a name to the Regent House by no later than the end of September 2022. Given the tight timeframe within which the Advisory Committee is working, it is very likely that the Council will need to appoint an Acting Vice-Chancellor for the period between Professor Toope stepping down and his successor taking up office. The Council will consider the appointment of an Acting Vice-Chancellor in Lent Term 2022 and will announce further details, including on the appointments process, as soon as possible thereafter.


10 January 2022