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University of Cambridge PhD candidate Kristina Buch appointed first female professor of sculpture at Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts

Kristina Buch, a German Academic Scholarship Foundation PhD Fellow at the University of Cambridge (Plant Sciences) and a member of Queens' College, has been appointed professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe. She succeeds Prof. Harald Klingelhöller, who retired.  Kristina Buch is the first female professor of sculpture at the Karlsruhe Academy to date. 

Kristina Buch is currently finishing her PhD in Plant Sciences (part-time), where she investigates how bees perceive shapes and colours, how petal-epidermal cell shapes are built, and how they have evolved. Kristina has a background in developmental biology (BSc, Imperial College London) as well as in sensory ecology/pollination biology/behavioural biology/psychophysics and botany (MSc, HHU Düsseldorf).

Date awarded

06 February 2023

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Kristina Buch