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Prof Steve Jackson, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge

Professor Steve Jackson, of the Wellcome Trust/ Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge, has been selected to receive the 2019 Léopold Griffuel Award in Translational and Clinical Research.

Professor Steve Jackson receives the award "for his work on DNA damage repair and his role in the development of medicines such as PARP1 and 2 inhibitors used [for] cancer treatment."

The Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award is the most important prize in the field of cancer research in Europe. It has been awarded annually since 1970 to scientists and physicians that have made important contributions to better understand, diagnose, cure and prevent cancers. The award was created according with the will of the late Mrs Griffuel by bequest, in honour and memory of her late husband, Mr. Léopold Griffuel.

Professor Jackson will receive the award (including a prize of Euro 150,000) at an award ceremony on 10th April at the Salon de l’hôtel des Arts et Métiers, Paris.

Professor Jackson said: "I am deeply honoured and delighted to be given this prestigious award for my research, which has been translated into patient benefit. The field of DNA damage repair has expanded substantially in recent years and continues to provide us with new avenues for understanding the causes of cancer, and identifying new therapeutic targets."

Date awarded

10 April 2019


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Prof Steve Jackson