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Wafa Mohammed Abutaleb, PhD student in Radiology at the School of Clinical Medicine, has won two awards in the latest international European Society of Radiology.

Miss Wafa Mohammed Abutaleb, a PhD student in the Department of Radiology at the School of Clinical Medicine and MCR member of Christ's College, has won a European Society of Radiology Rising Stars Award for her submitted work in the European Congress of Radiology Rising Stars 2015.

She won the award for her abstract of part of her PhD project on using perfusion ultrasound and MRI to detect neovascularisation in carotid plaque. She showed the preliminary results of correlation between the two novel methods.

Her presentation was chosen as the best of its session, and she was invited to repeat it in the Winners Sessions on the fourth day of the prestigious congress.

The award was presented to Miss Abutaleb by Professor Malgorzata Szczerbo-Trojanowska at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna on 5 March 2015.

According to Professor Jonathan Gillard and Professor Fiona Gilbert, the department’s head, it is the first time a student from the department has received this award in the prestigious and competitive congress. With their support, they are proud of this achievement and they are sure that it will contribute to Miss Abutaleb's future career.

"It is of tremendous privilege that I am a member of this interactive team of multiple disciplines in the Neurovascular Imaging Group and in the Radiology Department. That, together with my sponsor, King Abdullah Scholarships program, made my idea of using those two imaging tools to detect neovascularisation in carotid plaque possible," said Abutaleb.

Date awarded

05 March 2015

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Neovascularisation Imaging by Miss Abutaleb