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Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly FRS FMedSci and Professor Sadaf Farooqi FRS FMedSci from The Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science at the University of Cambridge have been jointly awarded the 2022 Croonian Medal of the Royal Society “for their seminal discoveries regarding the control of human body weight, resulting in novel diagnostics and therapies, which improve human health”.

The Croonian Medal has been awarded annually since 1728 and its recipients deliver the premier biological science lecture of the Royal Society.   Steve and Sadaf are delighted to accept this honour on behalf of the many colleagues in Cambridge who have made crucial contributions to the work, their collaborators around the world and, above all, the patients and other participants who have generously volunteered for their research studies.

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Date awarded

23 August 2021

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Professors O'Rahilly and Farooqi