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For staff

Picture of a river and punts

Book on a wide-range of stimulating talks and activities promoting wellbeing, and good mental and physical health. 

Most talks, tours and activities require advance booking. There is also a curated resources area on the Festival webpages, and other online content for you to enjoy. 

Some highlights to look out for:

  • Free Sports Centre passes for the duration of the Festival of Wellbeing
  • Supporting People with Unseen Disabilities
  • Ambuya Benches
  • How to Become Resilient and Take Back Control of your Life
  • Putting the Men into Mental Health
  • Yoga and Mindfulness sessions
  • Photography and Cookery sessions
  • How to Improve Cognition and Wellbeing Through Optimal Sleep and Other Methods
  • College garden tours

We understand that it will not be possible for everyone to attend the ‘live’ talks and events so, where possible, sessions will be recorded and links will be posted on the Festival pages to be viewed at your convenience.

Events are open to all staff in both the academic University and the Colleges and to students.

Dates: Monday, 27 June to Friday 8 July

Read more information on the Festival of Wellbeing website.


10 June 2022