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A new photographic exhibition looks at clinical research through the eyes of patients and researchers.

Gathering Light, which opens tomorrow at the ArtCell Gallery in the Li Ka Shing Centre at the Cambridge Research Institute, captures the unique relationship between patient and doctor, and the hope and human spirit wrapped up in research projects.

The work is the result of a ground-breaking project that saw five clinical researchers and their patients collaborate with award-winning photographer Clare Park to explore their feelings about clinical research. The focus is on translational research, where researchers work to transform scientific discoveries into new treatments that have a direct effect on patient care.

The exhibition covers cutting edge areas of medicine, including the development of gene therapy for patients with blood cancers, and the study of the effect of exercise and extreme conditions on the body. For some patients, getting involved in research can be a way of finding hope and purpose. For others it is a way of helping future generations.


08 May 2013